What’s the Difference in Car Races?

I had no idea how much money was involved in car racing, from modified to stock, to Formula One there are many different types of car racing. These cars are all different shapes and can go different speeds. I wanted to speak with someone about the advertising that was involved because the stock cars that my dad watches has ads on all of the cars. I had no idea that large companies liked to go and spend millions of dollars to sponsor the race cars and the winner of the races. I was shocked to see my favorite lady brand have a car in the race. It was pink and it was driven by a male driver, what a great thing to see! My mom and my dad both like car racing and I knew that it was going to be important to see who they said they liked for a car race driver.

I knew that my mom and my dad each had their own favorite but I wanted to see if they called their favorite drivers by their names or by the names of the sponsor of their cars. I had no idea how that was going to work. My dad always refers to his favorite driver as the driver or the team of the sponsors name. It is kind of funny to hear your parents saying the names of companies that they may not ever have said for another reason. My mom and dad stick to the same big box store for their clothes and it works fine for them. I was really upset to learn that there were a few people who looked down on us for that, but you are never going to appease everyone when you are living your life the best that you can.

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